Minniyal Solar bag comes in five variants for changing your gadgets-on-the-go.The solar oanel used is flexible,light weight and very efficient.The bag consists of partitions for your regular use as well as for placing gadgets.The bag will be of boundless usage of travellers which keeps their mobile phones,laptops charged on the go.Also ideal for solar charging,mp3 players,smartphones,Bluetooth headphones and more.This solarpowered bag is perfect for both carrying and charging your labtops /mobile phones as it comes with solar cells and a portable solar battery charger and battery bank that's powerful enough to energize all your gadgets.

The available variants of solar bags are..,


Solar PV cells converts sun lights into an electrical energy. This technology is called as Photovoltaic technology.Number of cells grouped togethr is called as Solar PV movuels. These PV models generte DC electricity with no uxiliary components. Solar panels available in various Wattag ranges in Poly and Mono crystalline Types.